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Thank you for considering using the camp. Currently, we are accepting coronaviruses, so please contact the campsite first. We will welcome you while consulting.

Lake Matsubara Bible Camp Usage rules and requests to prevent infection

≪Please cooperate to protect the health of our customers and staff. >


Lake Matsubara Bible Camp Camp Committee

The Matsubara Lake Bible Camp is taking the following three measures to avoid the risk of outbreaks. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please feel free to ask any questions.

  1. Health management (do not overdo it when you are not feeling well, refrain from activities, and rest your body)

  2. Thorough disinfection of fingers and wearing a mask (disinfection before and after touching common objects)

  3. Avoiding Three Cs (Avoid crowding, sealing, and closeness)


Please be sure to follow as a usage policy. Please observe as much as possible to prevent infection.

1) Health management (from application to end of use)

● Please submit a record of health observations of all guests from 2 weeks before your visit.
(We will give you the form if you wish. Please also refer to apps such as "Everyone's Physical Condition Note")
● Please refrain from using this service if you are staying at the hotel or if you live with the following symptoms. Cold symptoms (fever 37.5 ° C or higher, cough, sore throat) / diarrhea, abdominal pain / abnormal taste and smell / PCR positive.
○ During your stay at the campsite, please measure the temperature before breakfast (on the first day when you arrive) and the representative will report it all together. (It doesn't matter if it's non-contact, but if in doubt, measure the temperature again under your armpit.)
○ We would appreciate it if you could bring the following items.
Thermometer / Alcohol for hand disinfection / Winter clothes (because the room temperature drops due to ventilation)

2) Thorough disinfection of fingers and wearing a mask (prevention of infection by droplets)

○ Please disinfect your hands and fingers diligently in places where there is alcohol disinfectant (entrance, dining room, chapel, toilet, bath, etc.). Also, if you move to another place, use shared equipment, or touch a place used by an unspecified number of people, such as a handle, we would appreciate your cooperation in disinfecting your hands.
○ Even if you do not have alcohol, washing your hands with water is also effective in preventing infection. Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing your hands.
○ We would appreciate it if you wear a mask when you are not eating or drinking (when you have a conversation or when you stand up) and refrain from talking when you are not wearing a mask.
○ Please consider bringing in tea confectionery with due consideration for the risk of infection.

3) Avoiding Three Cs (Avoid crowding, sealing, and close contact)

○ The facility is constantly ventilated. Thank you for your cooperation, such as wearing warm clothes.
○ We would appreciate it if you could stagger the bath time so that it would not be crowded as much as possible, keep a distance between people in the dressing room / bathroom, and refrain from talking.
○ Please do not touch the ventilation fan of the toilet or bath as the staff will operate it. If there are no users, leave the entrance door of the dressing room slightly open.

Other, ask the prescribed at the time of your use of each facility

About the use of the cafeteria
● When entering the room, please wash your hands and disinfect your hands.
● Please keep your seat fixed. Please refrain from changing seats during meals.
● Meals will be served individually by the staff.
● Please refrain from reusing chopsticks and tableware. Please feel free to contact us for additional requests.
● Drinks etc. are on the central table. Please disinfect your hands before and after use.
○ Please cooperate in transporting the tableware to the lower table in front of the kitchen counter. At that time, we would appreciate it if you could keep a distance from people so that they would not be dense.
○ Thank you for your cooperation in shortening the usage time of the cafeteria.

About the use of meeting places such as chapels, meeting rooms, and shared facilities
● Please contact us in advance if you would like to consider a praise or singing program. Depending on the infection situation, it may be prohibited to sing even if you wear a mask.
● The estimated time for the meeting is within one hour, and we ask for your cooperation in constant ventilation.
● Please wear masks for the congregation, praise team, moderator, and messenger.
○ Please refrain from eating and drinking in the accommodation room except for individual hydration.
○ Please do not put your personal belongings (toothbrush etc.) in the shared equipment (washroom etc.) and manage it indoors

About poor physical condition (when poor physical condition is confirmed during the stay)

  1. If various symptoms of poor physical condition are confirmed, we will respond assuming a new coronavirus infection, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  2. If you feel unwell, the group manager should contact the camp staff to observe the health of other participants and measure their temperature.

  3. The person in charge of the group will contact the consultation desk for new coronavirus infectious diseases (Nagano Prefecture Saku Health and Welfare Office (Saku Health Center) 0267-63-3178), follow the instructions, and report the contents to the chief. Please give me. Also, if there is an instruction from the health center, please follow it.

  4. If you are diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection, we will promptly report it from the campsite to the Nagano Prefecture Health and Welfare Office (Health Center).

Even after returning home, we ask for your cooperation as follows.

  1. If you are diagnosed with or suspected of having a new coronavirus infection within 2 weeks of returning home, please be sure to contact the campsite.

  2. If there are people who have returned home due to poor physical condition, please contact us regarding the progress after returning home.

  • We will endeavor to ensure that you can use our services safely and with peace of mind. We pray for the rich blessings and protections of the Lord God in our stay at the camp.

  • The above rules and requests may be changed depending on the infection situation and the issuance of a state of emergency. Please note.

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