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Matsubara Lake Bible Camp

It is supported by the prayers and donations of many churches and the support of ministers.

■ What is a support church?

Registered as a support church by the Lake Matsubara Bible Camp, it is a church that prays for the Lake Matsubara Bible Camp every day and makes donations for the camp every month.

■ Support Church (as of April 2018)

1 Tomi Christian Church


2 Holy Church Interheart Chapel

3 Kitaakitsu Christian Church

4 Tokumaru Town Christian Church

5 Yachiyo Bible Church


6 Komoroseisho Church

7 Asaka Bible Church

8 Furukawa Church

9 Tajimi Central Christian Church

10 Shin Sapporo Evangelical Church


11 Nagano Evangelical Church

12 Shinmachi Church

13 Fukasawa Church

14 Takasaki Evangelical Christian Church

15 Heiwadai Megumi Church

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